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We are offering reliable and high-quality translations from Slovenian into Hebrew and from Hebrew into Slovenian.

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Check out our affordable prices for translations from Slovenian to Hebrew and from Hebrew to Slovenian.
Translation into Hebrew
Translation from Slovenian to Hebrew
  • Reliable and high-quality translations
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Translation into Slovenian
Translation from Hebrew into Slovenian
  • Reliable and high-quality translations
  • Translations at comfortable prices
  • A possibility of quantity discount
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Types of translation

We are providing official translations, needed for courts and government offices, such as birth certificates, identification cards and passports, certificates from police and judicial authorities or contracts.

We are translating different kinds of texts, such as academic, technical or legal texts, contracts and forms, as well as literature, be it in the form of prose, plays or poetry.

We are also translating shorter texts like ads, promotion texts, texts for webpages or tourist brochures.
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Scope of translation

A page of translated text consists of 1500 characters without spaces. As the exact amount of translated characters and pages can be calculated only at the end of the translation process, the exact amount of due payment can be calculated only at the end as well.

A Slovenian text is in its Hebrew translation approximately 20 percent shorter than the original.

About Klemen Jelinčič Boeta

The translator Klemen Jelincic Boeta is a member of the Slovenian Association of Literary Translators and a member of the Association of Scientific and Technical Translators of Slovenia.

He has over 20 years of experience in translating for the courts, which in addition to translating legal acts includes also different documents and forms.

From Hebrew to Slovenian, he translated a series of novels, theatre plays and poetry collections, while from Slovenian to Hebrew a variety of promotional brochures and books but also some Slovenian poetry.

He also translated and edited the only Anthology of Modern Hebrew Literature in Slovenian language, published by the Association of the Slovenian Writers in the framework of the literary festival Vilenica.

His numerous activities are also the reason Wikipedia has a page about the author: Klemen Jelinčič Boeta (Wikipedia).


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